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ADVISORY ON CONTACT DETAILS OF ALLEGED "Consulate of the Philippines in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan"


23 January 2018 – The Philippine Consulate General in Calgary has informed the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto that a website has published the contact details of a purported “Consulate of the Philippines in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan” as posted online as follows:

Address: 1304 East Centre, Saskatoon, SK S7 J 3A9
Phone: 306-374-7645

The public is advised that there is no Philippine Consulate in Saskatchewan at this time. Documents from Saskatchewan requiring notarization/legalization by a Philippine Foreign Service establishment should be processed at the Philippine Consulate General in Calgary, which serves the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians are urged to be vigilant against spurious claims or misinformation posted on the Internet, and to report questionable or suspicious claims relating to Philippine missions in Canada to the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa or to the Philippine Consulates General in Calgary, Toronto or Vancouver, and additionally to Philippine Honorary Consulates in Halifax, St. John’s and Winnipeg. END

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