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Illegal Recruitment of Filipinos from Third Countries for Deployment to Russia


There has been an increasing number of cases of illegal recruitment of Filipinos already overseas for deployment to Russia. Most are recruited from Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East as household workers. Huge fees are often charged by the illegal recruiter.
According to some victims, they decided to seek jobs in Russia after hearing Philippine government officials announce that there are openings for Filipinos. Some were also enticed by friends and relatives already working in Russia.
Moscow PE would deeply appreciate assistance of Posts in conveying the following to their respective Filipino Communities:
• There is no visa category in Russia for household service workers.
• Holders of tourist or commercial visas are not allowed to work in Russia.
• Improperly documented workers are subject to detention, fines and deportation.
• For more information, please visit Philconsular Moscow on Facebook.

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